Devonta Freeman Value

Hi Footclan!

I’m in a 0.5 point ppr league and am considering trading Devonta Freeman in order to get WR depth because my WR2 is Tyreek and my WR3 is AJ Green. Also considering trying to trade him for a RB. How would you value him? What types of players would you trade for?

I’m honestly not sure what his value is rn. I’ve actually been offered Freeman and Allen Robinson for Breida and Boyd

Not sure about it though

Yeah man it’s so tough. This is my roster. It’s a 10 team league

I am in the same boat, I do not know his value. I am currently looking at letting him go but I am packaging him with Mclauren so I guess I don’t think he has very big value yet. After the Colts that may be a different story. If he tanks agianst them good luck getting much value from him in the trade market.

Would you try and trade Freeman for Mixon?

I would take Mixon over Freeman

I was just offered Allen Robinson for Freeman

I wouldn’t take the trade. I still hold Freeman higher than Robinson. He has a terrible QB and isn’t going to be very efficient. You have John brown and Hardman that I would start over Robinson. Maybe an Emmanuel Sanders or someone who you know can be a safer bet at producing some points.

How do you guys see freeman going forward for you? Do you expect him to get better as the season goes on?