Devonta Freeman!?!?

What is going on with Devonta Freeman, and do you draft him as a late round bench?

So with Damien Williams opt-out, I think Devonta Freeman will end up in KC. There are quite a few other teams (Jaguars, Bills, Tampa, and the Rams) that all benefit from an immediate “level-up”. REGARDLESS, he will find a team, and when he does he will be used, why not spend a last round pick on him?

I prefer other late round targets. Freeman has no upside… even with the Chiefs. (I don’t think he’ll land there).

If he finds a team he will be an immediate waiver pick up is why I’m considering him in my earlier re-draft leagues this year. Also, assuming that he has a team next year, that would be an RB for a 14th round pick.

Do you think his lack of upside is from a lack of talent?

There are two sides and either could be right. If you’re high on him then act on those instincts.

However I think Freeman is DUN. I believe even if he does land on a team he will be of little to no consequence from a fantasy perspective. You’re right that he will get picked up on waivers and his ADP will rise. I don’t personally care to be in front of it because of the lack of upside I predict.

Regarding talent, he was a great back and has been great for fantasy. I don’t think he can be anymore.

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Fair points, I think you swayed me. outside of best ball I probably won’t be taking him in any of my leagues.