Devonte+4th = keenen+2nd

i give devonte adams, and a 2022 4th, for keenen and a 2022 2nd
thoughts? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

How many keepers? Right now Rodgers is an unknown and the value you’re getting from that trade is as though Rodgers is already off the Packers. I don’t think you’re getting enough.

sorry for the delay, work got crazy
pretty sure its 2 keepers. honestly after i picked tyrek at the back of the first adams was a mouse slip (not mad about it though :man_shrugging:t3:) herbert at qb and stacking with keenen got me really excited.
the way i see it, i traded off some slight top end production for more stability (rodgers isn’t in green bay 2 years from now so im out on adams until i see love)

Looks like Adams is probably out after this year as well. Blaze of glory this year!

I like the stability of the Herbert/Allen stack but I’m partial cuz I have same stack along with Brady/Evans stack in SF league. Rodgers is back for at least this season but after that it’s a question mark. I don’t think you are losing that much point value over a season between the two. And I see Keenan having even better season as Herbert gets better and O-line gets better.