Devonte Adams for Amari Cooper?

10 team full PPR. Not sure if it’s a good deal or not.

If you’re getting Cooper, it’s a good deal.

Yeah I’d be getting cooper. Any concern with how he played this past week?

No, the whole offense was out of sync, they all sucked. Going forward I like Cooper more than Adams, too many mouths there. Jordy is always gonna be the #1 and Cobb is re-emerging there and now Geronimo is in the mix.

Ok thank you man I appreciate your advice!

Would you rather have Keenan Allen or Parker instead of Cooper?

I would like to have Allen in a full PPR. He’s on pace for 100 catches. And that’s with having a couple tough match ups already. He’s still got a few games against tough D coming up but later in the season and for the playoffs he’s got good match ups.

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Ok I also have a different guy in my league that likes cooper. Would you trade him for either Hopkins or Crabtree?

I’d trade Cooper for Hopkins in a heartbeat. Hopkins is seeing a ridiculous 40% of their team’s targets which projects him at almost 200 targets for the year. Even just a 50% catch rate puts him at 100 for the year. Watson is gonna get more comfortable as the year goes on and more accurate (hopefully). I’d love to own Hopkins right now. He’s had 7 for 50+ each week so far. Cooper has 10 for 101 and a score for the YEAR so far.