Devonte Adams Trade

Had a league mate offer me the following:

Recieve: OBJ, Auden Tate, and David Montgomery
Ship: Devonte Adams and Tevin Coleman.

Now this trade is blashemy and its a no go. But I am 1-4 so i need to make a move and Im fine with seperating from adams and coleman. just don’t know what type of counter offer would benefit me. Would a Adams/Michel for David Johnson/Gallup be a strong counter? or try to hold out?

He does have: David Johnson, Thielen, Moore, Gallup OBj, Mack, Auden,
I have: Connor, Michel, adams, edelman , mclaurin, coleman. jones jr, deebo.

What are some opinions? Thanks everyone!

You can try to counter, I honestly think it’s pretty fair.

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Adams>OBJ and Coleman>Montgomery. Tate isn’t worth anything. I wouldn’t take it. I agree with you it’s not a fair trade at all.

You could do adams for OBJ and then Montgomery for Mack. To me he’s getting the better receiver and you are getting the better RB.

I doubt he will take it. From his initial offer it seems that he is trying to “win” the trade and he’s not concerned about you getting something out of the trade as well.

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