Devonte Smith and Brandin Cooks for Davante Adams?

Who wins this trade

Adams for me assuming the rest of the roster has a WR1 already that Adams now partners.

Adams, by a country mile. He still had 56 yards in a game where the packers had a lone field goal

Thinking more Adams side ought to be a juggernaut. They’ve given up something like a 7th and 8th rounders for probably guys 1st and worst case 2nd pick? They should be loaded now

Yes he would be paired with Mclaurin and AB in 3WR PPR

Hey Mr Wind Up Bird, they just changed the trade to Adams for Brandin Cooks and AB. Would you still do the trade to get Adams??

Yep. Still no hesitation

You’re blowing my mind here man. Alright I’m going to pull the trigger.

I’m on the Adams side as well. Smith and Cooks went up against two of the worst defenses in the league. Adams went up against one of the best (and the Packers just looked unprepared in general). Unfortunately, as a Packers fan, I watched most of that game and it still looks like we don’t have a #2 WR (which means the Adams show the rest of the way).

yeah you have to assume that Rodgers and the packers will figure it out, Rodger’s ego alone won’t let him be a disgrace the entire season. When they are clicking Adams is debatably the WR1 in football. The value you’d get for that for 2 mid-round guys is insane.

Adams and Cooks are roughly a push; getting another viable WR thrown in is just gravy.

Definitely send Adams for Cooks and Smith.

The trade went through however one member who completely disagreed with the trade threw a tantrum and long story short I had to refund him his money and replaced him and the trade was reversed so it never went through. #commisionerproblems

You din’t HAVE to refund his money, and in my opinion, it was a mistake to do so. He wants to quit, he quits–but his money stays in the pool and the replacement owner gets the team for free.

This is great advice. I am a first time commissioner and at this point I don’t have the balls to tell someone they aren’t getting a refund. I figure it was only 1 week and we weren’t mid-season. But your right. For the future I will definitely take your advice. Thanks AxeElf

I think it’s fine to find a replacement who is willing to pay the dues. But if you weren’t able to find someone, that other person should be stuck with their team. If they wanted Adams that bad, they should have made an offer for them and who knows at this point who “won” the trade.