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Devy league openings?


Looking to join a Devy league that has maybe 2-4 devy picks. I’m just dipping my toe into devy so I don’t want to get in too deep this year.


Are you still looking for a devy league to join? I’m looking to get my feet wet in a devy myself. Here’s my email.


Good morning yes I’m still interested.


just joined a devy league thats still looking for owners if you still interested. For more info email the commish, slarson@edgehomefinance.com


Hello interested in joining a Devy League. Wanted to know if there were any details you could share on open slots.

Excuse brevity and typos. Sent from my iPhone


Hey Vic,

Unfortunately I just linked the 12th and final member to the league.

Can I keep your info in case someone backs out?

P.S. – I see you’ve cc’d the Fantasy Footballers Community forum. Is that Fantasy Footballers, as in, “Foot Clan, assemble!”, Fantasy Footballers?


Yes of course thanks for the consideration.