Dez Bryant or Doug Baldwin ROS?

I think I have an opportunity to grab Baldwin for Dez, but looking through their respective schedules, I can’t give an edge. I’m a Wilson owner so I would like to have that stack. I already have Graham as well.


I’m wondering if Zeke does get suspended will that lead to more opportunities for Dez. I hear that the Dallas Oline isn’t as dominant as before so if Zeke’s gone maybe they don’t run as well and the Dallas D gives up more points leading to more Dez.

I’m a Zeke owner so I’m hoping Zeke plays but that might mean Dez doesn’t go HAm as much as we’d like. I also own Dez in another league.

For Doug I swear this is the same thing year after year in Seattle. Offense starts of crappy, heats up and everyone thinks the other WR’s are going to take over but one of em gets injured and Doug blows up at the end of the season.

With all that said I get the feeling like Dez is a hold since he might become the focal point of an entirely new Dallas team that needs to throw more to try and stay in games but hey history has shown us that Doug dominates the end of season schedule so it could work out for you.

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