Dez Bryant ROS?

Title pretty much sums it up. I drafted dez with pick 18 in this years draft in the second round and had hope for him all season but now its just bad. Do I start people like corey davis, josh gordon, or dede westbrook over him in the next coming weeks because the upside for them is so tremendous? Because even in a good matchup, dez will get a touch down and 40 yards, if that. Just wanted to know if theres any people in the same boat as me or willing to shed some light on this subject. Thanks!

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Picked him at 20 myself. And yes, it sucks. I also own Fitz, Scrumptious, and A Cooper (pick 21 and he has also disappointed). He is 4th on my depth chart and has been for the last three weeks. I’ve dangled him out in trade offers with no takers, so to me, he has been a bust. I think I would play all the players you mentioned over Dez at this point.

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I am definitely in the same boat as you. I have Corey Coleman, Doctson, and trying to get Goodwin just for the mere fact that they at least get like 10-15 points max in full PPR which is still way better then what Dez can give moving forward with how crap Dak looked. So I feel ya man.

Took Dez 17th. The hardest thing to watch is Dak throw 3 yard passes time after time and miss on the long ball. I have Green, Fitzgerald and Macklin. Someone dropped Crowder for a defense this weekend so i’m going to try to snag him. Until I see the Dallas offense click again I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

I picked up Dez by trading Fuller after his first huge week… because I wanted someone “stable”. It wasn’t a costly move for me, but seems like a bust