Dez Bryant Trade Talks

Hello guys,

I own Dez Bryant in my fantasy league and while I was encouraged by his targets especially in the red zone I am pretty distraught with his current schedule and the Cowboys inability to target him like a number one receiver. He isn’t used over the middle and is really just a long ball/jump ball threat.

My first question is should I sell him? I understand that the value on him might not be great but I just see his stock falling coming up against Denver, Washington, the Giants again, and Philly cornerbacks.

My next question is I have a lot of depth at WR so I am currently eyeing some trades that include him. One is possibly a straight swap Keenan Allen for Dez Bryant. The next is Dez Bryant and Larry Fitz for Amari Cooper. Thoughts on these trades? Any advice would be appreciated.

I’d probably ride out this rough start of the season with Dez unless there’s a trade you could make for a solid RB1 (assuming your RB’s aren’t as deep as your WRs). Though Dez and Fitz for Cooper could be an interesting trade considering the Cardinals offense might really struggle without DJ. And Fitz has already tended to fade in the 2nd half of seasons recently