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Dez Bryant


What would you say the ceiling and floor would be for Dez Bryant? I am having a hard time evaluating the cowboys offense this year.


ground floor, without any injury involved is a WR2. unless old man witten gets a second wind and catches 10 passes a game, i just dont see any way for dak to not throw his way. its him or beasley. guess who wins out that battle. so thats if dak just does horrible. see demarius thomas from last year. great player, bad QB play, but still hit decent numbers. as for his ceiling, top 5 WR. i dont see him beating out (again all healthy year) brown, brown, green, or julio this year. but i kind of see some regression in evans and OBJ so i think he can hit number 4. thats if dak hits a pretty damn good year, or just hits Dez in the endzone a ton.


I am trying to get Dez in a dynasty league I play in. Do you think he has 3-4 good years left?


Yeah easy. Wrs kinda start hitting their wall around 32 seems like. Hard to tell with big physical guys like dez. In a way good news is he had those injuries, so his body hasnt taken the season by season toll the last 2 years. I dont think dez is an injury prone guy. So him being number 1 on a good offense with a great run game for the next 5 years easy, tells me that so long as he is healthy he will be a top guy for 5 years. In 5 years he will be in the jordy and fitz conversation, but at that point you will have gotten some good mileage out of him. But that’s my opinion, some people are prettt scared of owning him. Which just screams value to me since he is a proven good player.


Yeah Dez will be around for a while. The cool thing about Dez is that the QB doesn’t need to be that accurate. Especially in the end zone, Dez seems to just find a way to win it in the air.

Floor is WR2, but the upside is like @BusterD said top 5.