Dez for Howard

I was offered Dez for Howard straight up… i dont like it bc Howard is my RB2 and I dont have a ton of depth at RB even though i am WR needy… im considering countering with Howard and Martin for Dez and Ingram idk that with ingrams recent scores hed take it… any opinions? He also has Aaron Jones and im the TyMont owner… would you do it for Jones and Dez? Half PPR

What’s you roster look like?

RBs: Hunt, Howard, Martin, TyMont, Smallwood, Gillislee (prob gonna drop for lewis)…

WRs: DT, Jordy (puked last week), Marvin Jones, Doctson… then i have like rotational spots for streaming.

Injuries have rekt me this season and as you can see Im hurting at WR bad.

You might be able to get him to bite on Martin / jordy for dez/jones