Dez or Brandin Cooks?

Final line up change before games start
standard league

Cook’s would be my gut call. But I have trust issues with Dez anyway.


it didnt work out but thats the least of my worries now
i had montgomery and cook… haha

Sorry for the slow reply AND more importantly for your losses! Ouch! You might take a flier of McKissc, if someone hasn’t already picked him up. Re: Cooks - I feel for you there too. Just like everybody else I can’t understand why he and Brady haven’t clicked BUT I bet it will happen sooner rather than later. Best of luck!

I ended up picking up smallwood and L. Murray
still leaning towards gilly and gurly for RB and just using a WR for my flex(Green, Dez, and Cooks)
also carrying diggs so im not to worried, its just hectic picking who hahha