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Dez or McCoy for Ertz/Gronk?


Pardon the long thread, but I have started 3-0 and am really looking to bolster what I have while some of my commodities are hot. 10 team full PPR

At QB I have:

At RB I have:

At WR I have:

and at TE:

The guy in my league who has Ertz has almost 0 RB and WR depth, and he also has A Rod. Could I target these guys and if so, what would be fair?

The guy who has Gronk already sent me a RIDICULOUS trade offer for Gurley, but I am wondering if he is looking for RB help now that he has done this. He has Melvin Gordon, Mixon, Alshon, Jarvis, J. Howard, Abdullah, and K. Benjamin. Is there anything I can offer to bolster my TE spot here that would be fair and still keep me in front moving forward?


I am definitely on the side of trading Gurley before the tough schedule, however, trading him straight up for a TE would leave you without great RB depth. Honestly, if I were you, I would look to sell high on Gurley for another RB. Maybe see if you could get D. Cook and a WR. I think TE is fairly easy to stream, especially in PPR


What about Gurley for Mixon/ Landry?


If you got both of them, I think that is a relatively fair trade. You get two solid starters