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Dez trade advice


Would you guys trade dez bryant for Valdez scantling? Keep in mind I need a viable reciever option this week


in a heartbeat but not gonna happen. Dez was out of a job for a reason he’s washed up. MVS is playing in essentially the WR2 role with Rodgers that’s a no brainer for ROS


Viable option this week… Dez is not playing


Surprisingly I was offered the trade. Just took scantling for dez, feeling pretty good about it


Dez hasn’t had a decent QB since 2014… aka when he was crushing it. Dude ain’t washed up but he’s probably not a WR1. We won’t be able to judge until he’s more acclimated to the offense.


Yes. Take that trade and run. People are freaking out about Dez’s name but I don’t expect a whole lot from him. Where MVS could very well be a WR2 from here on out.


too late now, blown achilles. Sucks!


Made that trade just in time!


ahh, saw that. Win for you. Loss for your league mate and Dez


He’s 100% washed up. If he wasn’t it wouldn’t of taken him 10 weeks to sign with a team. And clearly he wasn’t in decent enough shape if he gets hurt in the first practice he does


Well it doesn’t matter anymore but I think you would’ve been wrong. He clearly was asking for very large contracts if he was gonna join a shit team like the browns/jets. They would’ve sign him in a heart beat for the contract that the saints offered him. He obviously did not want to play for a lower caliber team for that price. The saints would’ve been a much better long term play regardless of contract size.


its football… these accidents happen all the time. If you’re talking bad shape aka his foot, Julio jones foot injury was way worse and he came back from that. Now he’s probably done, it’s a bummer we never got to see him with breees.