Dez, Tre’quan or Cobb rest of season

Who do you want rest of season. Don’t need a play for this week.

Tre’Quan Smith

Dez could be interesting in a few weeks but trequan is where I would lean and Cobb sucks.

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Tre’Quan for me.

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I’m concerned that Tre’quan (Currently the 3rd passing option) will move to 4th with Dez joining. Cobb has had plenty of issues but might be the #2 option if healthy.

I think it’s seriously time the fantasy community gives up on Cobb. He can’t stay healthy and other than one game, he sucks, even with all the opportunity in the world and an amazing QB. Cobb sucks. Dude needs to just go away.


Probably right. I’ve never owned him so I haven’t been burned over and over. Now it sounds like he might be hurt again according to sleeper. I’m struggling with the Saints WRs because Tre’Quran doesnt seem to be getting many targets. I expect Dez get more targets than him come weeks 13-16.

Cobb will never be number 2 there… It’s Adams then MVS now. You could even argue that Graham is the third option over Cobb. Cobb is just terrible. I’d much rather gamble on the ceiling of Tre’Quan if I’m stashing one of them.

Also, Tre’Quan is a field stretcher. I don’t think the Dez addition hurts him in any way. Dez will most likely steal looks from Watson if I had to take a guess. Dez will be most active in the red zone.

I think for now it’s Tre’quan but I do expect Dez to get more red zone looks and basically eat into Watson’s target and red zone usage.