Dhop for Carson .5 ppr

.5 ppr, 12 team, keeper. Keepers are kept (-1) round for the first keep, and (-2) rounds for the second.

My team:

QB: Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen

RB: Zeke, Chubb (keeping in 11 next year), Miles Sanders, Mattison, Henderson

WR: Kupp, Dhop, McLaurin (10th rd pot keeper), Gallup, Tyler Lockett


K: Greg the Leg

DST: Bills (streaming)

Thinking about offering Dhop for Chris Carson with Chubb on bye this week.

What do you guys think?

What’s your record? Cause you’ll have to do the same on Zeke a bye so make sure Carson isn’t the same week.

I am 3-3. 2nd most pts scored in the league. Chubb (7), Zeke (8) carson(11) so I should be good

Thanks for the reply!

No problem. With Dissly out Lockett should get more looks rising his value. I traded dhop for Chubb a couple weeks ago right before chubbs giant game against the ravens. Been happy with the trade.

Ooo what a haul. Not sure I can get like a Le’Veon, DJ or a carson (Chubb level) For Dhop but I should give it a shot, right?