Did Aiyuk get dropped?

How many leagues we seeing Aiyuk getting dropped. I have league someone snap dropped him due to injuries and freaked out.

How much FAAB is Aiyuk worth.

He would be a pick up and hold guy until he gets healthy. But if you can get him that could be a late that can really boost your team. I’d say 15-20% FAAB, depending on your depth at RB and WR

Only 15-20? I don’t know…in my 10-team PPR I’m seriously considering 100%. I have a good team with plenty of depth and I think stashing him could turn out to be a league-winning decision, but I’m very certain he’ll go for AT LEAST 50% FAAB. Elijah Mitchell just went for 81%, and I have to think that Aiyuk is a better season-long asset than Mitchell.

Have to consider positional scarcity. People went crazy with bids for Mitchell simply because the possibility of locking in a starting SF rb. Season after James Robinson people believe breakout RB’s from nowhere and will pay.

A wr of Aiyuk quality on waivers is rare but because most teams will already have at least 3 really excellent WR on board means he might not come in and start. Whereas a starting rb with niners getting 15+ touches will. I’m not saying Mitchell is a 15 touch guy but if he is, then he’s worth more than Aiyuk.

Good point. Go with 80-90% FAAB then. If Mitchell went for 81 I would assume Aiyuk would go in the same range then.