Did I do 0 RB strategy correctly?

So I’ve never been a believe in the 0 RB strategy but I’ve also never attempted it. I had a draft for one of my more prominent leagues last night and just kind of fell into a situation where I ended up doing the 0 RB with no preparation that I would go this route.

In this league its standard scoring and you have to start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and 1 FLEX. We also have weird keeper rules: you can keep any player that was drafted in the 8th round or later the previous year (as long as they never hit the FA wire) and you can keep them for half the value the following year. For example if you drafted somebody in the 8th, you can keep them for a 4th rounder the next year. Two years keeper max

Some notable keepers were Theilen, Kamara, Michael Thomas, and Jordan Howard. I had Marvin Jones for a 6th round keeper.

I had the 7th pick overall and was preparing for a RB in the first and then this Leveon Bell effect turned the whole draft upside down. Bell fell to the 6th overall pick! Same team that has Kamara for a 6th. 1. Gurley, 2. DJ, 3. Zeke, 4. Barkley, 5. Hunt, 6. Bell. At this point I go AB. I can’t pass on him at 7.

Second round comes back, i’m hoping to grab a RB to level off but there is nothing worthy of being drafted here. Highest rated RB left is Joe Mixon. I could of gone AJ Green but I feel like WRs are deeper so I GRONK it.

Hoping in the third round that a WR run will start and it doesn’t. RBs are flying off the board. I am personally high on Cooper this year so he falls to me in the third and I have to take him.

4th Round rolls around and Fitz is just sitting there. Got to do it. RB is garabge time too.

So at this point I have my TE, 3 WRs, and Flex handled (remember im keeping Jones for a 6th).

5th Round, I feel the only guuarantee I have at a top 15 RB for most of the year is to reach on Mark Ingram. But now i’m also screwed because round 7 RB is going to be my RB 1 for the first 5 of the 6 opening weeks. I think I made due though:

  1. Chris Carson, 8. Matt Breida, 9. James Conner, 10. Latavious Murray, 11. Mike Gillislee

Did I do this RB strategy right?

I was also able to grab Gore in the 16th round.

Oooph, RB situation is ugly. Everyone is in a time share, a backup or in danger of losing the starting job my mid season. I am high on Mixon this year, I think he is gong to be a top 10 RB this year with top 5 upside. Having Gronk is nice, but I would have grabbed Mixon in the 2nd and grabbed Kelce or Ertz in the 3rd.

Kelce went the pick after me and Ertz was a 5th round keeper