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Did I do ok?


In a 10 man standard 2 keeper league I kept Odell in the 1st and had Bell at a value in the 3rd. Here is my roster. What does the footclan think?



Its not bad, there are some players that I question but it’s just my personal view. For example OBJ scares me this year, he already got hurt(albeit minor) but that O-line looked atrocious . There were other players available at our pick like Julio or Evans or Green if you were set on a WR. Not a fan of Fleener, there is a lot of TE depth available this year ie, H. Henery, Brate, Ertz. Big Ben should do great if he can stay healthy. Be aware that he might miss some games and you would then need flier. Gurley was a bust last year and he should improve…hopefully but I’ve never been a fan of anyone in LA, offense has too many ???'s. Risky taking an RB from NE, they run a committee and have a habit of changing their offensive system based on who they play. Everyone else is fine, so yeah you did ok. Now the hard part comes, the seasonal maintenance. good luck!


really really solid team in my opinion.


I can dig it. How did you get Bell and OBJ? Nice bench too. Martin could go off this year. Nixon could pay off too


2 keeper , I’d imagine