Did I do the Right Thing?

Traded away Lamar Jackson for Sony Michel and Tyler Lockett. Projected Starting roster looks like

QB: Winston
RB: Chubb
RB: Carson
WR: Godwin
WR: Lockett
TE: Kelce
FLX: Michel

Possibly adding Mason Rudolph via waivers if it goes through…pretty sure I sold at the right time correct?

Keeping Winston is questionable at best. I wouldn’t have traded Jackson unless I had a sure thing behind him.

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Exactly like @sdatkins said, WInston is super suspect after 2 weeks. YOu could’ve had something better for Jackson.

Problem solved…just traded for Dak…straight up 1-1 trade…had to give away Kelce

Ouch. Afraid I would have kept Kelce

Sometimes you need to take the life preserver when it’s thrown…original trade was dak and Jimmy graham for Kelce and Chris carson…