Did I get screwed on this trade?

Traded away Mack + Godwin for Keenan Allen + Ekeler as the Gordon owner.

My roster is now:

QB: Ryan
RB: Kamara, Gordon, Michel, Conner, Ekeler
WR: Allen, Cooks, Kupp, Ridley, Sutton, David Moore, T. Williams
TE: Howard

Don’t think you got “screwed” at all. Pretty logical trade for you IMO. Keenan is a prime buy low target and Mack is a prime sell high target in my eyes. Your weakness however, likes in your dependency in only two teams (Chargers/Rams). I’d want to diversify a bit but it’s still a solid roster. You may look to sell Kupp and package a RB for a major RB or WR target. Sutton is going to give you a solid WR2 option.


I thought it was logical too. A leaguemate was saying I’m getting screwed on the trade. That Gordon hamstring thing is a bit worrisome.

Yeah I realized I have alot of chargers. Was actually thinking about taking Allen and flipping him on the 2nd half hype in a package for an even better WR just in case it doesn’t pan out well for him.

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I think this was a fine trade based on your situation. I know people like to talk about diversity of teams and players, but sometimes when you have key pieces of a high powered offense you can just roll with things. Like the guys say, there was never a debate a couple years ago in GB with all their weapons. You left Jordy/Cobb/Adams in the lineup unless they were on bye. The Rams and the Chargers are great teams, and like others have said you can try and package and trade if you need to.


You have no need for Mack with Gordon, Kamara and Michel. Good on you for getting a premiere handcuff for your best player.

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What happens if (when) the Rams clinch before fantasy playoff times though?

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I hope they lose a couple games otherwise this is going to be bad for Rams’ owners…

Yep. Our league leader is riding Mahomes, Gurley and Kupp, along with Theilen. I keep teling him, all i have to do is get to the playoffs and your ass is grass.

I mean I have Woods as my WR1, so I feel you… Although I feel like Bobby Woods is probably slightly safer than Gurley come playoffs, he’s not immune from being benched either… I think the Rams go down this weekend in the game of the week in New Orleans. I think the Saints are rolling. If Aaron Jones can go 12 for 86 and TD on the Rams in LA, then I am excited for both Ingram and Kamara together in this one as the Saints definitely have a better running situation than Green Bay…

Realistically, what week would the rams players’ performance take a dip?
I also think NO takes them down this week, that GB game was too close. I definitely think the offense slows down without Kupp out there for Goff.

I am going to try and shop Kupp, Allen, maybe Sutton if the hype is getting out of hand? It’s still Keenum throwing the ball after all. Then have a better WR and ride it out with Cooks.

ya done good son

good trade