Did I give to much for Lockett?

DJ Moore seems to be boom or bust while Tonyan was just a sell high for me.

Nope, not at all! Seems like a good trade to me my friends. This is a trade win if i’ve ever seen one.

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Sweet! I feel like I could regret trading Moore because he really should be getting the Anderson work load but since it’s a new coaching staff and QB it’s all new. And I feel Tonyan could be great but as long as Adams is healthy he should limit his production.

yeah, theres the key point… Adams is back now and has an INSANE target share in that offense, Tonyan could still eat, but i wouldnt expect that level to keep up for him. I feel you on Moore though, I’m a Moore truther myself, but Russ is going insane this year and I wouldnt let the last 2 games lead you to believe that Lockett is anything less than a star. Hes a WR1 ROS imo whereas Moore is more in that mid-low WR2 range.

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How would you feel about trying to flip Lockett + Mattison to the Adams owner? He has Dalvin cook and has already offered me Landry and then Crowder for Mattison which I have turned down so far. I have MT, Ridley, and Chark as well.

I’d be quite content at that deal. I like it a lot actually

Not at all- I think you got a deal!!!