Did I give too much?

I offered Howard and Fuller for Julio and Wentz.
3 WR, Full PPR. I have CMC, Hunt, and Ingram at RB and have been streaming QB’s each week in a 14 team league (not many options).

Try and give us some more background info if possible!

Can you give us your full team?

I would be reluctant to give up Will Fuller because he has been a stud going back to last season with Watson and through the 2 games he has played this season…

I don’t mind trying to package Jordan Howard and another player for Julio and Wentz, but would like to see what other options there are…

Lol how on earth did you manage to get those 4 rb’s in a 14 team league? You should do whatever you want. Clearly you have your league on lock

But really – I think you should make more use of your RB depth to acquire a much stronger WR/QB if you can swing it. You have amazing trade bait but I don’t think you’re utilizing it optimally doing this trade. It’s not a bad outcome, but I feel like you must have other opportunities in a 14 team league that give you more value. You have 4 of the top 10 RB’s. Possibly 4 of the top 5 when it’s all said and done.

Could you please let us see the rest of your team? I’m interested in this situation.

That’s my complete lineup @falcones404 @ChargersFan
I traded Mahomes, Conner and Ertz for CMC, Rudolph, and Foles after week 1 (thinking I was selling high on Mahomes lol). So the waiver wire and good late round drafting gave me great trade bait for sure! I just can’t play 4 RB’s when Ingram comes back. And playing 3-4 WR’s/week can be tough during bye weeks in a league this deep!

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Fair trade