Did I give up too much?

Asked this earlier but it was real early and idk if anybody saw the post. In a 12 team standard league I gave up Phillip Lindsay and Marvin Jones for Chris Carson. My rb depth is pretty alright with zeke, Jacobs, pollard, Hyde and now Carson. And jones was a waiver wire pick up last week so didn’t really hold a special place in my heart lol. What do you think did I do alright?

I think this is a solid come up for you assuming Pete Carroll is true to his word that they are not going to punish Carson for his fumbles. If he keeps it up though, he may lose value quick. However, as far as this trade goes right now, you basically traded Lindsay for Carson which is a huge upgrade.

Also, you can just comment on your original post and it will move it back to the top. Just an FYI. So you don’t have to retype the whole thing again. Cheers.

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And penny is on waivers and I’m 2nd in the waiver order so I put a claim in for him as well. So even if he maybe loses the job I have the guy who got it, thanks for the input!