Did I help my team?

I just traded L. Jackson and Swift for Mixon and Golladay. This is a SF 12 man league . My Rb’s are Bell/Conner/Montgomery and my WR’s are Juju/Kirk/Slayton. I Have Dak, Lock, and Taylor at QB still. Was I nuts or did I help my team?

As it’s a SF league, I don’t think that was the best trade. Yea you needed to upgrade your RBs/WRs and you got some decent returns, but Jackson is too valuable for a SF in my opinion to not get a first round RB/WR in return.

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Is this redraft or dynasty? I think if the former it’s definitely a good trade to up your RB and WR core both (which needed some help) and you still have a top 3 or 4 QB as well as two decent guys for the SF spot (maybe Tyrod starts out hot, and then you have time to see if Lock is who denver hopes he is).

Overall value of the players in a vacuum for an SF league? Jackson/Swift might be higher but I think for your team it’s just a shift in a very heavy strength at QB to a more balanced lineup.

Thanks, that was what i was hoping to do. Couldnt make it to the semis with the weakness at RB and WR