Did I just get ripped off?

So I wanted Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins to go with Patrick Mahomes (I own Mahomes). I offered Davante Adams and Brandin Cooks for both Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins. It was accepted.

Please note this was in a dynasty league full PPR.

I know Hill is hurt. I have the depth to make up for that. I can start either DK Metcalf or DJ Chark until Hill is better.

I feel like Mahomes spreads the ball around enough to where Watkins will still get his share even after Hill returns.

I’m really hoping I didn’t just rip myself off lol. Adams was sucking at the beginning of this year so I was trying to see what I could get for him. And then he went off tonight lol. And I didn’t cancel the trade in time. The commish hasn’t passed/vetoed yet so it’s just sitting there.

As long as Tyreek Hill returns soon and is good to go. I don’t mind that trade. Especially with Adams hurting his toe.

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Thanks for replying! I’ve been reading about Hill to see if there’s an estimate of when he returns and it’s looking like it could be soon. The original estimate of how long he was gonna be out was 4-6 weeks and it’s been almost 4 weeks.


I would not have traded Cooks for Watkins.

I personally think you downgraded both (without thinking about injuries of course).


In my opinion. I wouldn’t have made this trade but I have seen much worse. With the Adams injury it looks a little better now.

^^^^ this was my thought as well.

Off to an 0-3 start. Thin at RB. Trade:

I traded Saquon and OJ Howard for Mark Ingram and Travis Kelce

Good trade?

When Reek AND Adams are BOTH healthy: Reek > Adams.
Cooks > Watkins.

Thanks for the responses, guys!

@asiriquon I think that trade was ok if you were desperate for RBs like you said