Did I just steal Todd Gurley?

.5 PPR League.

Guy I traded with needed depth so I traded White, Fournette, and John Brown for Todd Gurley.

My other RBS are CMC, DJ, and Alex Collins. Now I have Gurley. Fournette is injury prone, White is great but Michel is coming back, and John Brown has been trending down. Did I do well?

I think I like the trade. You had enough depth to make it work. Nice job!

Solid trade dude… about 4 weeks ago a flipped White and Corey Davis for AB !!! :+1::+1:

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Awesome man!

I think you just stole Todd Gurley!!

I mean that guys team must have been straight trash outside of Gurley to take that.

Police are on the way.

He was really in bad shape. His starting lineup was Gurley, frank gore, desean Jackson, Robert woods, stef digs.

the trade is def a good one for your team imo