Did i lose this trade?

Trading away McCaffrey to get Adams and Montgomery. Im desolate at WR and my RBs are passable (Carson,Gibson,Drake,Edmonds). It’s a full point league

What’s your league standing? If you need to make a play to reach playoffs CMC may be the boost you need. If you are sitting nice at the top CMC can be your playoff push when you’ll need him.

I’m not in the playoffs, part of the logjam outside of it and my team doesn’t have the firepower balance to make a run. Put it this way, Woods is my WR1

It may not be the advice most people agree on but if I had CMC and was in a tight race I would try to flip him. What good will he do you on the bench when you need him most. Those two give you the peices you need now Imo. It’s a redraft league I’m assuming?