Did I make a bad trade?

So I just made a big trade in my league and I was so emotionally attached to the player I traded away I can’t figure out if I logistically made a good or bad trade here :frowning: This was my team after draft night in an auction league with 200$ auction budget:

I know most of my 1$ acquisitions are questionable, the draft got out of hand when I was trying to stay water. The true 1$ acquisitions I wanted were getting snatched up left right and center by people who held more money than expected until the end of the draft.

One of my league mates hit me up and we came to this trade agreement -
He sends:
Matt Stafford
Trey Lance
Jamaal Williams
Robby Anderson
Jaylen Waddle

I send:
Cooper Kupp
Darrel Williams (i had picked him up off of waivers after the draft)

What do yall think of this trade in a full point ppr league/4 point qb passing tds/2 flex spots?

Is this a 1qb league? You’ve accumulated a lot of qb on the roster.

I think I’d prefer Cooper Kupp to Robby and Waddle as I think with him you had a shot to have 3 wr1s. Jamaal isn’t sexy but he’ll have a role as your safety rb and his place with lions seems secure - Williams needs an injury to CEH and even then it might not be enough so that’s a clear upgrade. Qb is improved but I’m kinda lost why you have so many.

Yup this is a 1 qb league so I totally get the apprehension of stockpiling qbs. In this scenario I was really intrigued to stash Trey Lance as a potential league winner later in the season as the ballers and lots of experts in the fantasy community keep recommending this approach!

I think you’re good with the trade and probably worth the gamble. Of course if Kupp gets the TD’s this year you may regret it until Trey Lance wins you the title.

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I love this trade for you. Kupp is a good WR, maybe he cracks low end WR1 territory if he stays healthy, but I absolutely love Robby and Waddle this season. To upgrade your QB pretty significantly and get Jamaal Williams on top of the receiver swap, I’d be thrilled.

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@Hulkmouth @jeff7911 it’s so hard not to feel emotionally attached to Kupp I had been targeting the trio of DK, Godwin, and Kupp for so long that I couldn’t believe I pulled it off in the draft but it did negatively affect my depth the way I had to spend to get those 3. All of my league mates think I got ripped off in this trade because they say by far Kupp was the best player involved in the trade so I really appreciate the insight you two have on the trade!

ill take that all day long. love jamal williams

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This is an easy trade in my opinion.
You immediately upgrade at QB with Stafford over Baker, and if you believe the Footballers, you stash league winning potential with Trey Lance.
Losing Kupp is fairly easy to swallow with you already having Chris Godwin to adequately replace Kupp as your WR2 and acquiring a potential breakout in Jaylen Waddle and solid depth with Robby Anderson is nice gravy.
The real value in this trade is you seriously upgrade your RB depth, which your roster definitely needed, with Jamaal Williams. DeAndre Swift is showing durability issues and the OC in Detroit has really talked up how much he likes Jamaal Williams. He could easily end up with good, quality touches.

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I hope you’re right. I got him in a 14 team as my fourth rb. Immediately didn’t feel great but as time passes I’m thinking he’s a lot more valuable than advertised.

Of you can move a qb or two for any depth then I will be content with your trade. But I feel you need to ensure you didn’t just collect qb