Did I make a huge mistake?

I just traded DJ and Matt Ryan for CMC. Was this dumb of me? I’ll include my roster below. I’m 2-3 :pensive:. We start 2 flex.

C Newton
S Michell
M Thomas
A Jeffery

T Boyd
M Lynch
M Crabtree
M Breida
C Clement
D Baldwin
D Funchess
Q Enunwa
J Gordon

i like that trade

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Both cam and cmc bye week is done. I like that trade. cmc more dependable than dj ROS and cam and matt ryan doesn’t really matter. the fact carolina have had their bye makes it a win for me.

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That’s robbery. You already have Cam. No need for 2 QBs. You did well.


Thanks gentlemen. I felt like it was gonna be a good move for me especially considering the bye week conondrum! Appreciate the input!