Did I make a mistake

After watching the game tonight, I think I may have made a mistake. I traded James white and Ebron for Keenan Allen in a standard league. Thoughts?

Would love feedback!

You can’t really judge that right now.

Obviously, this week you probably lost the trade hard, but you got the best player overall and should be ok going forward.

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Yeah. I’m trying hard in my league to get Keenan. But you’ll definitely have buyer’s remorse at the moment. I think it will tilt more in your favor by the end. Even though White and Ebron have looked good thus far they should have factors long term cutting into their production.

Don’t feel too bad. I sold James White for $7 FAB 3 weeks ago. I thought I was selling high at the time. :joy:

It depends on your team tbh, who you have at TE? And was white in your line up? Ebron is good now, but with baby hands and ty back, he wont be this good… and white probably as in your bench, so id be fine with the trade

i like allen here if you have viable rb and te replacements for what you gave up. otherwise, it’s a whole lot closer. still, you got the best player in the trade, so i don’t think you should worry abt whether or not this was a mistake.

Keenan Allen for Ebron and White is robbery. White does not have nearly enough value in standard to be valuable. And once Jack Doyle comes back, it’s going to be split between him and Ebron. You can’t be results oriented. You traded away two guys who are playing at the highest of their careers at unsustainable levels for some who is a proven stud and every week starter due for positive regression.