Did I make the Right Decision as Commissioner

I wanted to get people’s opinion on this to see if I made the right decision. I am the commissioner of a league that I have been doing for years. I brought someone new on that wanted to play and I let him. I chose a trade deadline and a couple days after the trade deadline, the new guy message me. He asked if he could make a trade with someone and it was with someone that wasn’t going to be in the playoffs and the new guy had to win to get into the playoffs, the final seed. I asked him what the trade was to see if it was indeed a fair trade first and it wasn’t to me. Nick Chubb for T.J Yeldon. After I saw that I said no I cannot open the trade deadline, it is a deadline for a reason and not fair to other teams. Then he didn’t respond back and a couple hours later I saw on the transactions that the other team dropped Nick Chubb and he dropped TJ Yeldon and he picked up Nick Chubb and the other team picked up TJ Yeldon. To me, that is colluding and going against the rules. So I went into his team and cancelled their transactions and made sure he couldn’t do that. Then he messages me and gets pissed off. This is also a paid leauge. He asked for his money back and threatened to tell the whole league what I did and was so mad he isnt talking to me acting immature. I said go ahead to tell other people cause you were in the wrong and this is my league and the people I have in this league have been playing with me for years. Did I do the right thing in this scenario? Thank you!!!

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Yes, you did the right thing.


Yes and I would say go ahead and tell the league. I imagine everyone else would feel the same and be fine not welcoming him back next year.


100% the right thing. Its Collusion on their parts, you said no and they went behind your back and did it their own way. Let him tell the league and thank him for his one year in the league and politely tell him he is not invited back next year.


A couple of things here…

  1. It shouldn’t have mattered what the trade was. Fair or not the trade deadline had passed and it should not be reopened for any reason. Especially due to a single team’s request. Asking what the trade was honestly wasn’t the best look for you. Either way, you did the right thing and didn’t open the trade window back up.

  2. I don’t like the reversing of the add/drop honestly. There was nothing stopping any other team in the league from snagging Chubb when he was dropped was there? They followed the rules in my opinion. No rule saying you can’t drop Nick Chubb or any player for that matter (excluding can’t cut list if you use it). If the guy out of the playoffs dropped Chubb and this guy grabbed him then the other owner’s have nobody to blame but themselves. Unless there is something funky in your rule settings where other teams didn’t have an equal chance? Do you use waivers? The only reason you reversed this was because you knew there was history of this deal trying to be mad previously. If someone dropped James Conner right now and a team with a 1st round bye picked him up and dropped Frank Gore, would you reverse it? Probably not right?

Now with all that being said, this guy seems like an owner I wouldn’t want in my league. Just seems like the kind of owner that will always have an issue with something or try and walk the line on what is right and wrong.


I get what your saying on point number 2. Point number 1 I wanted to know if it was a fair trade because if it was I would have messaged the league to ask if it would be okay but since I knew it was an awful trade and the circumstances, I didn’t bother asking the league cause I knew he was colluding. On point #2 it was an unfair advantage to the other teams because after I said no, a few minutes later they dropped nick chubb and tj yeldon and then picked them up shortly after I said no. If they dropped nick chubb and tj yeldon and a few hours went by to give teams a chance, I understand but it wasn’t fair to other teams. And tj yeldon is garbage and nick chubb is a fringe RB1 so why would someone drop nick chubb and pick up tj yeldon?


It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not. Deadline passed. Also fully agree on the add/ drop. It’s anybody could have intervened and they probably sat on the waivers and could have been claimed by anyone


Are you saying the dropped each player and then within a couple minutes were able to pick up each other’s drops? Is there no waiver period in your league where they would have to submit a waiver to pick them up? If that’s the case, then I agree with the move to cancel the adds. However, if it’s a normal waiver process where a day or so needs to go by before picking them up, then I’d say all other teams had the opportunity to snag Chubb. The only thing that would make that a gray area is if the team picking up Chub had #1 waiver priority so no one had a chance anyways.


No. You are an idiot. Rules are rules. If nobody is breaking the rule then WTF is the point. Establish rules and then level set. It 's not any harder than that. Once the rules are set then players are free to mosey about. Stop being a deuche bag. Set the rules and make everyone abide by them.

i believe your mistake there was not setting time for dropped players to be picked up. It has to be exactly like the waivers. You put your claim and have to wait something like 48 hours before getting him, allowing other teams to have a chance.
That being said, if i was you, as a comissioner and knowing that they did it on purpose, i would call out both of them for this bullshit, alert the league about what they did and let everyone have a say and vote on it, to see if they think is fair or not. I dont like the instant reversion on the drop/pick up.
This was an asshole move by both of them, but you cant go out there saying “THIS IS MY LEAGUE”.
Good luck dealing with it.
PS: This is the kind of discussion i’d love to see on the podcast, feel like the guys dont talk enough about this polemic decisions

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I believe you did the right thing. I think the fantasy community goes too far with the ‘hands off’ mentality of transactions/managers actions. The rules said they couldn’t trade, they told you exactly what they were doing essentially, and still tried. Anybody dropping Nick Chubb at this point is colluding. Plain and simple.

There was a terrible trade in my league involving Nick Chubb, I posted it in here a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe people will put money into leagues and then say just because every single scenario isn’t on paper then its “ok”. I told my league commissioner I was thinking about leaving my league after 8 years, because of the deal that happened. I still am thinking about it. My whole league is still upset but the trade got approved. Its a long story that I won’t explain here. As league commissioner you’re in a tough spot, but if people are putting money into a league relying on you to keep things even, I think you did the right thing.

You cannot put all responsibility for every managers actions on the commissioner, people need to be responsible for themselves too and act mature, those league mates imo were not. Maybe some new rules should be established in the league too.

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Who is this? The guy who got nick chubb? It’s absolutely collusion beyond a reasonable doubt.

I’d not only not give him his money back, I’d kick his ass out of the league


Yeah you did the right thing. Don’t invite this guy back next year, or either of them. And as someone posted above, put in a time waiver period for dropped players. Ours is 24 hours for instance, so everyone who checks the app once a day will see who has been dropped and can be picked up on a waiver.

You absolutely did the right thing blocking the trade.

But I think I’m with everyone else here saying how were these 2 able to pick up players off waivers so quickly? The sneaky add/drop definitely could’ve been avoided with any amount of time for waivers.

Plain and simple, after the guy talked to you they drop the two players involved in the trade. That shows they were colluding.

I was thinking this or faab where he had the most budget so it wouldnt matter

LOL no man, this guy straight up uses facts like calling people losers and idiots to make a point. Edit: and fools


Yeah originally I had the waiver claim be two days but lots of people wanted waiver claim to be pick up and drop right away. So i put it to a vote that after a certain week pick ups and drops could be done instantly so people wouldn’t miss starting players and it was anonymous. It was a long story but that is why they could add and drop right away and used it to their advantage. And what I mean by my league is I started this league several years ago and I am the commissioner every year setting up everything and handling all aspects. It’s been the same group of guys since the beginning. One guy couldn’t do it this year so i brought the new guy on. And since there is money involved and someone other than him has a chance of going to the playoffs then to me it seemed unfair what he was doing and ruining another guys chance of going.

Yeah, the insta-add from the waiver is a horrible idea and you’ve now experienced why. Since it’s a money league, you’d expect everyone to respect each other and act accordingly, but that’s not how it works. People think they can be clever, when they’re really not, and cheat the system. Anything that can lead to compromising the integrity of the league needs to be limited. This is one of those things. The guy that dropped Chubb needs to be talked with as well, since he’s someone who’s been in your league a while it seems and should know better. Stepping in to negate the add/drop in this case is the right call.

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