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Did I Mess Up My Draft?😬


I thought my draft was going good till I clicked the wrong button on the 6th round. I meant to draft Graham but clicked draft on Woodhead. As it now turns out I have to many Bengals now drafting best available. I drafted in the 10 spot in a 10 team PPR.
This is what I ended up with…thoughts?

A. Dalton
M. Stafford

D. Freeman
I. Crowell
D. Woodhead
D. Martin
T. Rawls
A. Kamara

A. Green
G. Tate
L. Fitzgerald
M. Bryant
C. Coleman

T. Eifert

Steelers D

J. Tucker

Thanks! Hope everyone has a great year!


I wouldn’t think so. I think you’re good. Drafting Woodhead isn’t a mistake in a PPR league. You meant to draft Jimmy Graham in the sixth? Woodhead is a better pick than him there.