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Did I mess up my team in the draft?


I did my work league last night, and half the league ended up on auto draft which drastically changed what I thought i could snag versus what was actually left when I had the chance. I had the 2nd pick in the draft. Did I mess up, or will I be okay?


Looks good to me


You did just fine, i personally would not have stretched for Deshaun because i would have rather taken a higher WR but decent roster anyway. Just watch your waivers now.


Thanks. I honestly didn’t want to snag him early but a qb run started 2 picks before my turn so i figured it was worth the shot. Also it’s 3wr 2rb no flex which is why i don’t have a lot of RBs, just in-case anyones wondering.


I don’t mind it, I would just say to watch your waiver wire for pass catchers. DJ & Freeman is a nice one-two to count on especially without a flex.