Did I mess up?!

Full Point league.

I just made a trade this week (currently 4-0).

I’m trading away:
Jordan Reed
Royce Freeman
And Amari Cooper

Rob Gronkowski
Kenyan Drake :cry:

Who in your opinion won in this trade?


Melvin Gordon
Gio Benard
Dion Lewis
Kerryon Johnson

Michael Thomas
Larry Fitzgerald
Cooper Kupp
Tyler Lockett

I’m playing on getting Valdez scanting from Green Bay :crossed_fingers:

Seems fair. Like your side of the trade more.

I don’t think so. I think some people will tell you you did. I think you took a calculated risk with an appropriate, outsize reward.

Reed is gonna get hurt. That’s just what he does. You essentially used Freeman, Cooper, and 1/2 a season of Reed to get Gronk, who has the potential upside of a high end WR1.

Regardless, you didn’t lose more than one player in any position nor anyone who is very important to you. Drake could pick it up. Gronk could easily break out in less than 24 hours. I think it actually was pretty reasonable and won’t hurt you really if it doesn’t go your way.

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