Did I overpay for D. Murray?

I went after DeMarco this week, especially since the owner in my league owned OBJ. I gave him Fuller and Coleman. I got McKinnon off waivers this week and neither of the guys I traded would have seen my lineup. Thoughts?

I think you got the better end of the deal

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I think so too, think he bounces back big the next two weeks

Definitely think you won this trade. Even if you didn’t, there’s no way you end up losing it to the point that it would outweigh the potential positives at the time the trade was made.

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Good point, thanks man! I agree w/ you too

I don’t think you overpaid, but I don’t think you bought low either. I do think you sold Fuller at his highest price which is good. 4TDs on 6 catches is unsustainable.

Buying low probably wasn’t the best terminology, just took advantage of Fuller’s unsustainable TDs and the Murray owner panicking because of OBJ