Did I overpay?

So i already did this trade b/c the only reason it was avail was b/c i was on the cloc, but am curious to hear some thoughts on if i overpaid alot or got a good deal. so Lineup is 1QB,1-4 RBs,2-5 Wrs,1-4 TEs,1K,1Def. Scoring is standard PPR with 2 points for passes 50+ and rushes/receptions 40+, and return TDs are included. My Roster is QB-Brady,Goff,Mariota RB-Cook, McCoy, Duke Johnson, Ronald Jones, Blount, Martin, Prosise, Conner WR-Bryant, Goodwin ,Lockett ,Richardson, Matthews, Gallup, Samuel, Chad Williams, Tyler Boyd TE-Greg Olsen,Charles Clay,Seth DeValve K-none atm Def-LAR,ATL.
So the Trade i made was Doug Baldwin the 2.08 and 2019 1st rounder for Dalvin Cook Thoughts?

That’s more then I would choose to pay. However, I don’t think you can say whether or not it’s an overpay until we see the results from Cook and Baldwin this year.

Probably more than I would want to pay too, that said, you got the best player in the trade so that isn’t a bad thing.

Ya i Had a feeling it was prob a bit to much this is my first year in dynasty so im still learning how to really value players for the future. How important is WR production in Dynasty vs Redraft? Like in redraft your able to find decent WR production from waivers does that happen in dynasty? I assume RB is still the most important spot to be strong at.

I think its a great trade only because of the lack of RB’s that you have. You had to get younger at that position. All you need now is Ronald Jones to Step up. Id also look to sell high on McCoy if he has a good start. He will be 30 so maybe you will be able to get someone to bite.