Did I rob my league's draft? How did I do?

10 Team, 1/2PPR

DeShaun Watson (8)
Todd Gurley (1)
Jordan Howard(2)
Keenan Allen(3)
Amari Cooper(4)
David Njoku(12)
Alex Collins(5)

Corey Davis(6)
Kerryon Johnson(7)
Peyton Barber(9)
Rashaad Penny(10)
Courtland Sutton(11)
Anthony Miller(13)

Only two small regrets, should have taken Michael Thomas instead of Keenan Allen and not taking Kyle Rudolph at the 10/11 turn.

You crushed it. I can’t believe Keenan Allen AND Michael Thomas were still available in the 2/3 turn… Did everybody just panic and take RBs in the 2nd?

I think you may have went too heavy on rookies for a 10 man league. Rookie bust rate is pretty high and for a 10 man league, there are a tonne of other very productive vets you could’ve had on your team to balance things out. Like I personally wouldn’t draft Sutton in a 10 man. Sanders is who I want in that offense for value and DT is still going to be the guy. Love Sutton in keeper/dynasty though. Penny I don’t really have much of either in redraft but getting him in the 10th round is totally fine.

Love Gurley, Keenan in the 3rd is great value. If MT was there, I would’ve taken both MT and Keenan allen over Jordan Howard.

Personally not a fan of Collins at all, don’t think he’s particularly talented at all. Love Davis and Kerryon, those are the 2 young guys I’ve been targeting a lot.

With Gordon back, Njoku worries a bit. Would take a look and see if there’s any high upside guys on waivers. I am streaming TEs in my 10 man league cause there’s a lot of guys I’m more than happy to use on waivers. My approach was basically Gronk or Bust.

Honestly, the only weird pick was Lesean McCoy at 18. Maybe Dalvin Cook, depending on how you feel about him.

Yeah, the RB run went really quick so I wanted to grab them up where I could. I took Collins more because he is the starter and seems to have some guaranteed value with Dixon looking like a bust. I did think about Lamar Miller, Jay Ajayi and Mark Ingram, but all 3 have their question marks too and Collins was the safest pick.

As for the rookies, yeah I agree. Although the vets available past the 9th were meh so I went with the potential upside in the rookies. No one in my league has great running back depth and if Penny and Kerryon eventually get the starting jobs, I can either ride them out if they look to be able to sustain or trade them for needed pieces when their values spike.

I’m taking Lamar Miller ahead of Collins 10/10. Lamar miller is very undervalued right now as someone who has a lock on the starting job for a pretty high powered offense. I’d argue he is a much safer pick with both a better floor and a higher ceiling than Collins.

Like I said, I love Kerryon. I took him in most of my dynasty/keeper drafts as well as my redraft where I employ a zero RB approach.

Penny, I have much less of cause injury and the fact that seattle oline is worst in the league and I no longer trust Carroll to make any smart decisions.

Not scared of D’Onta Foreman when he gets off the PUP?

No lol.

First of all, Foreman wasn’t even that good when he did play. Second of all, he ruptured his achilles. That is a career ending injury for RBs. I don’t know a single RB that has successfully come back from that.

Foster being a prime example.

Fair point. well on the bright side, everyone in the league has 2-3 starters on their team while I have 4, potentially 6. I also am the biggest trader in the league, I can make it work haha.

Yeah once injuries hit, you’ll be a good spot to make some favorable trades given your depth.

MT and Allen being there in the third is ridiculous. Your bench is a big question Mark. If a couple of them hit, you’re golden. Your staters look great.

I think this looks good. I have a similar bench situation on a team of mine. If two of them but I am stacked. I know not everyone is in on Collins (I am) but I think in your use in the FLEX, that is perfect.

Plus, if some of those guys flash early on (Barber?) you can move him for someone else if needed.

There is nothing I really am worried about at this point looking at your team. Teams can always be better and no draft goes exactly to plan. Yours looks like it went quite favorably IMHO.