Did I screw myself with this trade?

14 team league .5PPR with 3-WR slots + Flex and I had 14th pick

Traded away Leonard Fournette and Robby anderson
Keenan Allen and Mohamed Sanu

With Robby Anderson looking like a huge bust and all my other receivers looking like total boom-or-bust players, I was desperate for a consistent WR in this 3-WR league. With Philip Rivers as my QB, I targeted Keenan Allen for the stack and tried to unload Anderson. But, the best deal I could make was to give away my RB1, Leonard Fournette. With Fournette being so injury prone and now with a hamstring, I was worried he’d be OUT a good amount of the season! So help me figure out whether this trade was OK or did I just screw my team. The way I see it, if my risky RBs turn out to be great, it was a good deal.

My Team - BEFORE
QB: Philip Rivers (Drafted 12-1)
WR: Marvin Jones (Drafted 4-1)
WR: Robby Anderson (Drafted 6-1)
WR: Sterling Shepard (Drafted 8-1)
RB: Leonard Fournette (Drafted 1-14)
RB: Royce Freeman (Drafted 3-14)
TE: Rob Gronkowski (Drafted 2-1)
FLEX: Matt Breida (Drafted 10-1)
BN: Sammy Watkins (Drafted 5-14)
BN: Rashaad Penny (Drafted 7-14)
BN: Kelvin Benjamin (Drafted 9-14)
BN: Marlon Mack (Drafted 11-14)
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Javorious Allen
K: Caleb Sturgis
DEF: Chicago

My Team - AFTER
QB: Philip Rivers
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Marvin Jones
WR: Sterling Shepard
RB: Royce Freeman
RB: Matt Breida
TE: Rob Gronkowski
FLEX: Sammy Watkins
BN: Mohamed Sanu
BN: Rashaad Penny
BN: Kelvin Benjamin
BN: Marlon Mack
BN: Geronimo Allison
BN: Javorious Allen
K: Caleb Sturgis
DEF: Chicago

Ouch. Could pay off but I would have kept leonard.


I would have held on to Leonard and gone to the waivers for WR help, but who knows, Keenan can finish as the WR1 this year.

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FWIW Allen was drafted 12-1 and Leonard was drafted 14-1, so does this make it sort of like I drafted zero-RB? The waivers were looking very very rough as it is a deep league.

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You can look at it that way if it helps you sleep at night, either way they are both studs.
Keenan has just as much upside, if not more than Leonard, but it’s just hard to get workhorse backs.

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The jags O seems to lean heavy on Leonard but hes gotta be healthy to be worth it


Yeah, I know he’s a beast when healthy. With inconsistent and potentially total bust WRs and an injury prone RB1, I was worried I would have no chance at making playoffs if Leonard were to go down for a significant amount of time. I feel like adding Keenan reduces some risk, but I think my success depends on whether any of the RBs I chose can turn out to be RB1s.

I was at the game Sunday and Jax practically ran a high school offense that was predicated on limited mistakes and letting the D win. They are built on Leonard, but you got your stud Wr. I think where you got boned was not getting more value with Robby and only getting sanu in return. Just my opinion.

Cool. Good points. Unforuntately my trade offers for crabtree or kupp were rejected when trying to get rid of Anderson.