Did I screw up? Trade review

Hi footcoan,

So I just traded away:

  • Zeke Elliot
  • Travis Kelce
  • Adam Theilan


  • Jonothan Taylor
  • DK Metcalf
  • Darren Waller

Now I’m getting lit up by the group claiming collusion and that I’ve torpedoed my season, what do you guys think? Did I screw up real bad? I know I paid a lot, but I really wanted DK metcalf and wanted to jump off the Zeke name while it’s still worth something

If it matters the rest of my team is Justin Herbert, Kareem Hunt, Josh Jacobs, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, Latavius Murray, Diontae Johnson and Deebo Samuel (Rip)

Thanks in advance!

I don’t mind the trade. Zeke is cause for concern with the Cowboys looking terrible. Thielen is a first half of the season receiver that can often fade second half of year. Kelce is, well, still Kelce. But Waller will not lose you weeks. I love Taylor’s upcoming schedule. And I know Metcalf had a down week, but he will win you more weeks than lose them. I think you’re fine.

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