Did I screw up?

I just dropped Kittle for njoku? I felt njoku has some juicy match ups and with baker picking up NFL game speed I think Njoku can start being relevant in the passing game? What do you think?

I would pick kittle back up quick and try to trade him atleast. He is good and you will be giving a leaguemate a great te ros for free

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The only way I think I can get him back now is through a trade. He definitely could use drew brees.
I already have Big Ben and mahomes. Should I purpose trade with drew brees and and Ridley or brees and Boyd for Kittle and Michael Thomas ?

if you can pull brees and ridley for kittle and thomas that would be great for you. doubt that will happen, I wouldnt try to trade for kittle soley since its not that big of deal.

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if someone already picked up kittle just move on with njoku for now. he’s not a bad option to have with the dearth of TE’s who regularly see targets this season. he looks like he has upside in him, too, so you never know, you might have done well now that baker is in and Jimmy G is out. but yeah, don’t go trading for Kittle out of regret. that is not worth it at all

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It’s not a total car crash move but I would not have dropped Kittle, especially with the way the TE landscape is.

That being said Njoku is getting targets and does have the matchups to do something but Kittle was a fairly safe every week start at TE which this year is rarer than rocking horse s#@t.

100% do not trade for Kittle out of regret, unless you get him in some package that you win and get better players back. Just roll with Njoku

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Thanks guys. Helps make my decision a little better with some support. Who are guys rollin at TE week 6?

You have to be kidding lol. Why would someone give you a top 3 WR and a good TE for a QB and a weekly matchup based flex play. This trade would make no sense.

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Idk I was desperate after the drop. I didn’t make the offer. Other than that I think times up for Kittle and he will be the next front getting double covered. It’s the niners only reliable weapon. Ya feel me what do you think?

Funny story. I drafted Njoku and Kittle became available so I dropped him for Kittle. This past week I was negotiating a trade and I got Sony and Enunwa for Collins and Watkins. There was also a swapping of TE’s - Kittle for Njoku. PS - He drafted Kittle :joy:

So because of me picking up Kittle, I got rid of my headache in Alex Collins and got Sony Michel :grinning:


Buying Kittle and trying to trade rape someone for MT are to mutually exclusive events. Not sure how the two are remotely related.

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