Did I trade too much for Davante Adams?

In a 0.5 ppr league. I traded James Conner and Golden Tate to the Leveon Bell owner for Davante Adams. My rb are Gurley, Howard, Barber, and Morris. My wr now are Adams, Green, Stills, Enunwa. Doesn’t feel good currently cause I lose out on a strong flex in Conner but does this help me in the long run?

I feel like you could’ve kept Tate and given up someone like Enunwa or stills. It looks like Conner is going to play atleast until week 7, but probably week 10. Overall it’s not a terrible trade, but I’d prefer to be on the other guys end of it.

I am hoping for you that Mini-Tron takes over and tate fades out (most likely wont happen). But yeah I think you gave up too much for D.Adams.

It looks like Jones may be the fade of those three but tough to tell off only one week.

Very true it is only week one its really hard to tell anything yet.

So many questions involving Conner and Bell…who wins in most of the trades I’ve seen or heard about all hinge on when Bell returns to action. It will be tough to evaluate your trade until later when Bell does return; if Conner starts until week 10, you probably gave up a bit too much, but if Bell comes back week 7 or sooner, I think you did ok.

Yeah and if he comes back at the end of the month like some people think, then you won this for sure.