Did I win the trade?

I recently traded Julio and Gore for Doug Martin and Crabtree. I thought I had won that trade, until this week happened. was this just a bad week for Crabtree and martin or is this going to be the norm for rest of season?

It’s a gamble. Julio could potentially be a great WR for the rest of the season. I think you’ll be just fine with those players, that wont be their norm. But you could miss out on big Julio weeks.

Julio is always hurt and /or hobbled. I’m amazed how the guy is big and runs like a grayhound yet every time he walks back to the huddle he is limping. His health is always in question.

Never mind his lows per week are WAY LOW.

I think it was a pretty even trade! You have two starting players instead of one. Gore hasn’t been doing hot.