Did I Win This Trade For Melvin Gordon ;D

I traded away Clement, Lev Bell, Connor & Josh Gordon to receive Melvin Gordon and Robert Woods. Good move? I’m in first place in 1/2 PPR. My team is now:

QB – Jared Goff
RB – Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Kerryon johnson, Matt Breida, Nyheim hines, Jalen Richard, Doug Martin
WR – Michael Thomas, DaVante Adams, Courtland Sutton, Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffrey
TE – Zach Ertz
DST – Cards

I would not have made that trade. Hope it works out for you!!

Id say you won 100%… Clement is unplayable… josh gordon is moving up but Id rather start Woods… Melvin is a top 3 RB in ppg… the only reason I wouldnt call it straight up trade rape is the fact that we havent seen Gordon play since the injury and he has the ravens week 16… also the hope that Lev Bell takes over 100% of RB touches when he returns which Id give at best a 50% chance.

Personally, i hate it.

You gave up the entire Steelers backfield who is currently a top 5 RB (connor) with Lev Bell set to return at anytime, who will MOST LIKELY (not definately) take over and again, be a top 3 back, as well as Josh G who, in a Tom Brady offense that doesn’t really have Gronk right now, has the potential to be a WR1, for an RB with a hammy injury (dunno how he’ll look when he’s back) and a very solid low end WR1 that is on an offense with 2 other VERY capable WR’s in Cooks and Kupp.

TLDR; Not a fan of this trade

I figured this would be a controversy trade. My thoughts were get the better player. Connor has been great, but I think Gordon will be great and has the whole backfield. If Bell cuts in at all to the workload of Connor or vice-versa, Gordon can be more consistent. I also like Josh Gordon, but I like having the option of a QB-WR stack with Goff & Woods and my other WRs Thomas, Adams and Jeffrey are solid so I felt I could risk Josh Gordon.

Another reason I considered getting rid of Bell & Connor is it gives me an extra bench spot which for now I plan to use to garner better trade bait, but ultimately have the space to hold playoff defenses. Appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this!

I do like the move, if Bell returns and ends up splitting time with Connor then you avoided the situation. Robert Woods will most probably keep performing as he has been vs a potential rise of Josh Gordon. You didn’t need Clement so its irrelevant here.

Clement was just that extra piece to seal the deal…as you said it was all but irrelevant to my team.

I’m not a big fan of the trade. You already had a group of high floor WR’s. I would have preferred the upside of Gordon to another one of those guys in Woods, even if Woods has been great so far.

I personally don’t think it will be a timeshare when Bell comes back, so that wouldn’t have been a motivating issue for me. Creating a roster spot to stash a playoff D in week 8 IMO should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down there on the list of reasons to part with Bell/Conner. You don’t have Ekeler and Gordon has a hamstring injury. If that flare’s up, lingers or gets re-injured, it’s gonna hurt

As an update, I was able to flip Nyheim Hines for Ekeler, so I know have the handcuff and also made a trade for CMC and Juju leaving my team now:

QB – Goff
RB – Hunt, Gordon, Ekeler, CMC, Breida (going to add from waivers depth)
WR – Thomas, Adams, Jeffrey, Robert woods, Juju
TE – Ertz

I don’t think you’ll know whether or not you “won” the trade until after the season, or at least until after a few weeks of Bell being back. Looks like you had a good roster before, and you still have a good one IMO, so for now, as long as you’re happy with it consider it a win for now.

I would have made the trade, I like the getting out of the conner/bell situation…also the fact that you have ekler now makes the whole situation less risky so I like it even more now