Did I win this trade!

I got m.Gordon, J.Winston and DJ Chark and 9th pick
I lost M.Thomas,T.Pollard and L.Jackson and a 2nd pick

My team is
Goff and now Winston

M.Gordon now

DJ Chark

I would honestly say TBD on this one since no one knows what you’re gonna get out of Gordon yet under the circumstances.

The 2nd pick thing was probably unnecessary IMO and Lamar to Goff is a pretty big downgrade…

He got the better value at his end of the deal, long term especially, but Gordon is the best player in the trade… you didn’t get hosed or anything, but Winston is waiver garbage

Yeah playing for this year, my thing was I could trade Mixon or Mevin for picks next season

It’s also a 14 team league ahaha, no QBs in the waiver