Did my league screw up with THIS RULE?

I think I can use a new rule to my advantage…what do you think? So in the past, some members have been slow to get the league buy-in to our money guy so this year we have a new rule that if the buy-in is not submitted by draft day you get penalized draft position…but here’s the thing. We have 1st round keepers. So I’m thinking that I can actually use this to my benefit because I know I’m keeping David Johnson in the first round so deliberately not paying my dues on time, I could have the first pick in the second round.

AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? Wouldn’t this be the best strategic move to make?

What you’re missing is that your new rule is extremely vague so they might just bump you to the back of the second round.

Good point. Let me clarify, it’s a 12 team ESPN online snake draft so they lock keepers that must be first round…not later round values. So the 1.12 pick is always also the 2.1 pick and then it continues the snake.

So make the person who collects the dues life hard and then stir the pot a little more for good measure. Yes. Great idea.

I think your plan might have a better argument if you could keep players in later rounds. In your league you just have 1 keeper, so the second round is effectively the first round of the draft. So again I don’t know if your league has spelled out this rule with any greater specificity, but if I’m in your league my position would be pretty clear: you paid late, you are going to be penalized draft position, and that means you are now drafting at the back of the second round ie you can keep DJ with the 1.1 and have your first actual pick at the 2.12. To the extent that there’s disagreement about that, there would be a league vote, and I’m guessing your league mates will be inclined to push you to the end of the second rather than gifting you the first pick.