Did taking the footballers advice pay off?

.5 ppr with TE earning full PPR and 4 point passing and no TE required. 10 team league.

I really took their advice this year by waiting until late to draft a QB and only taking one. Does this look like a competitor?

QB: Lamar Jackson
RB1: Leonard Fournette
RB2: Chris Carson
WR/TE1: Julio Jones
WR/TE2: Michael Thomas
Flex: Chris Godwin
Flex: Tyler Boyd
D: Houston
K: Vinatieri
Bench: Tarik Cohen, Duke Johnson, Marvin Jones, Justin Jackson

I like my WRs, obviously, but everyone else went RB heavy and I think my team will struggle at that position because I didn’t get any of the top guys I liked. Lamar is a runner and we’ve all seen what happens to running QBs after a couple years.

Can a team with weakness at QB and RB compete? Should I be looking to shop one of my top 2 WR for a top RB for more balance?

I think it is pretty solid especially with the news about Lamar Miller. Duke just got a big bump lol, but yes shopping one of those top WR’s for a low end RB1 and some more depth would be solid.

Your team is great, its not even week 1 yet. Stay the course with what you have.

Nah, don’t do this. You have enough depth at RB. That’s just the position you need to scout for on the waiver. You drafted well. I’m assuming some people drafted 2 QBs so just watch as the season progresses to see if any hit the waiver. They usually do especially when bye weeks come and go.

There’s really no such thing as a weakness at QB in a one-quarterback league. Keep an eye on the waiver wire and play the matchups and you’ll be fine. And if the rest of your league is the type to stash backup quarterbacks on their bench, that just means they’ll lack depth at other positions. That, in turn, means there’s a better chance of you finding value at RB on the waiver wire.

If you were to trade one of your top WR’s for a top RB, you’d just be moving your points around and probably wouldn’t do much to actually increase your weekly point total.

When Matt Ryan gets shut down at Minnesota week one and Lamar ends up running for two TD’s against Miami, you’ll look like the smartest guy in the room.