Did this Trade help me out

Traded CEH for A.J Brown. Good trade?



Edwards Helaire - gone now
Javonte Williams

Fuller in my IR spot

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Seems about even value. League rules might bend it one way or the other.

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Yes, I think it’s a upside trade for you. You have good RB to start season with some upside with williams and sermon.

And you’ve got a an awesome new WR for your roster!

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Heck yeah. I would have crushed ACCEPT on that. Esp. with your RB depth. Nice trade

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I’d be very happy with this.

Your WR room is stacked with Ridley and Brown as WR1’s, Woods as a solid WR2 and Cooks/Davis each as WR3. With that sort of depth at the position, I’d be more than happy with JT, Carson and Henderson as my top-3 backs with some of the upside rookie depth you have as well.

I feel way more confident on how Brown will be used week-to-week than CEH.

I like it.

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After any trade you always have doubts but hopefully this works out in my favour

Any other opinions/ Thanks

I think my WR are good now

Want to maybe upgrade RB

Not too confident in Henderson. Thinking of offering him and maybe one of Fuller, Cooks, Davis to upgrade.

Any idea range that might get me.