Different Point system! Need help draft

Quick question regarding a draft I have tomorrow. 12 team league. The commish decided to make the point system a little crazy:
1 pt per yard for both RB’s and WR’s
1 pt per carry for RB’s
1 pt per completion for QB’s / 6 pts for TD’s.

So in a nutshell, the RB position is very important with this scoring.
Question - I have the 1st pick now…should I trade someone for the 5th??? I feel like I will have more options for RB’s in the middle, but every mock I’ve done so far, I have a better lineup at the 1st pick.

Definitely keep the 1st. With how important the RBs are, I’d want to lock in the RB 1 w/ Saquon

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So contary to popular belief, adding ppc does not make elite RBs more valuable than the 2nd tier guys. The delta in scoring between them actually decreases which makes sense because what makes the top 4 guys so valuable is their receiving ability. Having ppc adds value to the 2nd/3rd tier of RBs who don’t necessarily catch a tonne of passes. Guys like Chubb for example would really shoot up in value here. Even Henry closes the gap a bit.

The pt per completion for QB doesn’t really change to much for me except it would make me favor high volume passing defenses instead of low volume rushing QBs. BUt that is somewhat offset by the 1 pt per yard for RBs.

Moving to the 5th isn’t a bad idea to try and get Zeke at a discount and get a better WR/RB on the way back.

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Thanks for the replies. Gotta think about it.